Mar 16 2016

Long words and German!

I Love German. Not only because it is a very straight-forward and unromantic and to the point language ( I love you in German sounds like I am going to kill you), but also because it is the only language that has the longest compound words. The longest word in German for “Law delegation of Beef labelling” is a whopping 64 letters long: Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsge Yeah so you get it! Let’s take a look at some common words:  Kugelschreiber: Which means a pen. It is “Stylo” in […]

Mar 15 2016

Multilingual Stars!

We are all aware, that Hollywood stars are very talented. Unlike our spoilt, untalented and overhyped Bollywood stars, where everything is done by someone else, like playback singing etc, Hollywood stars do everything pretty much themselves. To get into Broadway, apart from acting, one must at least play one musical instrument, must be able to sing, or do ballet and speak foreign languages. Well when the bar is set so high, no wonder there is so much talent. As I researched this fact, I discovered […]

Mar 14 2016

Influence of Arabic on Spanish

Surprised right? Well yes! For those of you who were not aware, Arabic has had a considerable influence on the Spanish Language. This was due to the fact that, many Arabs settled in the Iberian Peninsula between 711 and 1492. Although Spanish is a romance language, it has had influences from various other language branches such as a few East Germanic languages and Arabic. But, it was originally developed from vulgar Latin. Approximately a whopping 3000 words in Spanish , are Arabic influenced, most of them […]

Mar 10 2016

Louisiana Creole French

I discovered something interesting in French class today. It was always known to me, that there was a quarter in the USA where French was spoken, but little did I know that it was a totally different language! Yes, you heard it right, the French spoken in Louisiana, for eg: in the French quarter of New Orleans is not called French, but “Louisiana Creole French”. The creoles are a set of people who migrated to different parts of the world, owing to the trade field. […]

Mar 05 2016

Top 7 English- German Proverbs

Proverbs add color to any language, and knowing proverbs on one’s fingertips definitely distinguishes a person in terms of language prowess. It adds an aura of sophistication, and people seem to be enchanted with your speech. The British have left a legacy of proverbs in English, but it is indeed obvious, that every language has its own set of sophisticated proverbs. German has been receiving a lot of prominence in terms of a second foreign language, and I thought it would be a good idea […]

Feb 29 2016

The right attitude to learn a Foreign Language

Got a bucket list? I am sure everyone does- even if it isn’t really written down; I think everyone has a bucket list somewhere hidden in his or her ambitious mind. If you were to take a deeper look into any bucket list- learning a foreign language would definitely be one of the to-dos. Learning a foreign language sounds very exotic and fun, and everyone wants to do it. Some may want to even learn a foreign language to bloom up their CV. Learning a […]