Feb 24 2016

Think before you cite that you speak native English!

  English is the third most spoken language in the world, and if one is fluent in the language up to a native level, they do carry an aura of global acceptance. But the tricky question is, although most of us are surrounded by English, are we really fluent in it up to a native level? The answer is definitely NO. I come across a lot of LinkedIn profiles, where in the language section, most people cite that they possess native English capability. I really doubt […]

Feb 15 2016

The most practical and global Language

English, the most popular and practical language in the world today, is one of the newest languages. Originally developed by a mixture of many languages, and known to possess the highest number of loan words,this language is primarily known to be an invention of the British and is suggested to be a global language, and thus it is very important for one to speak it. English can be tricky, as many people believe they speak good English, but in reality it isn’t so. Many take it for granted that […]

Feb 15 2016

A language with melody

Spanish, natively called Español is a romance language that originated in Spain, and is today spoken by 470 million people in the world, making it the second most spoken language in the world, today. It is spoken as an official language in Spain, Latin America, most of the South American continent. It is a second language in the USA. The actual statistics prove that Spanish is spoken in a total of 22 countries. Spanish is the easiest language to learn in the European set of languages. It has a simple […]

Feb 12 2016

A straight-forward language

German, natively called “Deutsch” is a West Germanic language, spoken as an official language in Germany, Austria, and parts of Switzerland, Liechtenstein as well as parts of Luxembourg, Belgium and Italy. It is recognized as a minority language in various parts of East Europe as well, owing to the fact, that the Germans had briefly ruled East Europe before and during World War 2. Infact, there are several German speaking communities in the USA, New Zealand and Canada to name a few. German, like the culture and it’s people, is a […]

Feb 12 2016

The language of the romantic

French, natively called “Français” is a romance language, which is spoken by approximately 338 million people in the world today. French is quite widespread due to the French colonialism in the earlier centuries making it the second most spoken language in Europe. Apart from France, Belgium, and parts of Switzerland, Canada, and North Africa, where it is spoken as an official language, it is also spoken it parts of USA particularly Louisiana. French was the first diplomatic language to be used, until English replaced it. However, it is still currently used […]