Mar 30 2016

Language Immersion: non-target country-

You are learning a foreign Language, either with an online Language course or training, or with personal classes, but you do not live in the target country of the foreign language. Yet you want to speak like the natives. Does this situation sound familiar? Learning a foreign language and being able to speak like a native after that, could seem far-fetched, but not if you deploy the right tecchniques. Apart from eating, breathing and listening to the language, there are some cool, short and practical […]

Mar 28 2016

Influence of Greek on English Language-

Although Greek is almost just a spoken language today, and rarely written, it used to be one of the key languages once upon a time, apart from it's alphabets being used as symbols in scientific equations. Infact, it is a well known fact, that English borrows many words from Greek and Latin. Some pointers to how Greek words have influenced English are explained in this article. Around 150,000 words or more of English have a Greek origin. These mostly include technical and scientific terms. Words that […]

Mar 25 2016

Online French Language Courses at:

French is one of the most, beautiful, soft, romantic and artistic languages. But Online French Training could be challenging, as French is phonetically complicated. What is written , is not spoken. In other words, it is not a phonetic language. There are lot of nasal sounds and accents which could be quite intimidating even in a personalized session. But you are determined and passionate and want to learn French, and Online French courses are your only option. What could be some helpful techniques to master […]

Mar 24 2016

Techniques of Online Language Learning –

Online language training with respect to foreign languages, sounds like a far fetched idea- but it could be the most lucrative option to choose from, to fulfill your passion of learning a foreign language- which otherwise could seem an impossible mission to accomplish, effectively in a short time. However, the process of online-learning must be followed correctly. There are certain effective tips and strategies if deployed, could help you make the best of Online language courses in foreign languages. 1.  Pick a good Online training […]

Mar 21 2016

Online German Language Learning: Steps on

German has gained quite a lot of popularity over the last decade as a foreign language. Owing to the fact that Germany is one of the biggest manufacturing hubs in the world, and are making huge investments in the form of giant conglomerates such as Bosch, Daimler etc., in developing countries like India and China, learning German could be a lucrative option for many, who aspire to work in the best environments of engineering. The question is though, how to pick up this language? Language […]

Mar 17 2016

Languages and Career

If you are below 25 and belong to this global age, where you are just about to graduate, and you have a plethora of options to choose from, and you are a talented polyglot, but are confused as to what career could suit your pursuits or what your future would look like, this article could be worth a read. I had a flair for languages, but was always confused as to what could I really do with it. I began studying German as I wanted […]