May 11 2016

Most difficult and easy languages for Native English speakers

If you are a language enthusiast or at least a wannabe language enthusiast, this question must have always crossed your mind, as an English native speaker, which would be the easiest language for me to learn and which would be the hardest? This is quite a logical question. The Foreign Service Insitute (FSI) has come up with the below table, to asnwer the same. The number of hours listed here, would enable the person to reach the "General professional proficiency"l in each target language. Enjoy! 🙂 […]

Mar 24 2016

Techniques of Online Language Learning –

Online language training with respect to foreign languages, sounds like a far fetched idea- but it could be the most lucrative option to choose from, to fulfill your passion of learning a foreign language- which otherwise could seem an impossible mission to accomplish, effectively in a short time. However, the process of online-learning must be followed correctly. There are certain effective tips and strategies if deployed, could help you make the best of Online language courses in foreign languages. 1.  Pick a good Online training […]