Jul 25 2016

Germany- the future custodian of Sanskrit?

When we hear “Sanskrit”- we immediately hear, Shlokas, Mantras, divinity , Yoga and everything holy in the world. But Sanskrit, the language of the divine, is today losing it’s presence in India. One can faintly listen to spoken Sanskrit, except may be in the small town of Shimoga in Karnataka and temples (where the priests utter Sanskrit mantras while worshipping the deity).The status of Sanskrit has reduced to a purely written language, which is maybe taught by some enthusiastic old folks in the city, who […]

Jul 18 2016

Significance of the German Flag

These days, when you come across a larger number of German flags, you are probably running into a bunch of soccer fans or walking through an allot settlement. But as many state flags, also the German one has quite an interesting history. Even though the Federal Republic of Germany wasn’t founded until 1949, the country’s flag, bearing the tricolors black, red, and gold, is actually much older than the year 1949. 1848 – A Symbol of Revolution The year 1848 was probably one of the […]

Jul 04 2016

Get to know Germany through it’s city names

Germany is a very old country, with its oldest cities dating back to hundreds of years BC. Its name in many languages hints at the tribes and languages of its past: Germany, named after the Latin word “Germania” Deutschland, named after the Germanic word diutisc, meaning “people” or “folk” Allemagne in French, named as a reference to the Allemani tribes Saksamaa in Finnish, named after the Saxons With such a rich range of previous inhabitants, it’s no surprise to notice Germany’s cities also take their […]

May 30 2016

German Luck on your side!

Copyright: 123rf.com Germans have a reputation for being logical,rational, efficient, accurate and punctual. With this type of mentality, it's difficult to perceive that there are also plenty of superstitions in the country. But just underneath the surface, your German counterparts are more than happy to turn to the supernatural for help. German Words for Good and Bad Luck One of the most important things people in Germany want to manifest is Glück (good luck). A bit of Glück can have many different benefits and always fits into your personal […]

May 19 2016

Common German beginner mistakes- (II)

Continued from the previous post……. Learn Online German with us @ www.languagestation.org TODAY! Enroll quick! in / im The word im is actually a contraction of two words: in dem, meaning in the. The definite article dem is only used with masculine and neuter nouns and only when they are in the dative case. So you could say for instance: Wir übernachten im Hotel. We're staying in the hotel. Ich kaufe im Supermarkt ein. I'm shopping in the supermarket. Hotel is neuter, Supermarket is masculine, so the use of im to mean in the prior to these two nouns is appropriate. However, with a feminine […]

May 18 2016

Common German beginner mistakes- (I)

German is often percieved as a hard language to learn. This is not entirely true. It is a cousin of English, so many words are actually understandable. German Grammar however, is a different from English, and following it's rules could be quite hard. Possibly, this aspect makes learning German hard. In this article blog, we would be covering the common mistakes English speakers make ,while learning German in the initial phases. 1. Also/Auch The German adverb also does not also, too as many English-speakers assume it does. Also means so,therefore, thus. Es […]