Jul 19 2016

French Prepositions

A preposition is a grammatical entity that binds two sentences injecting a meaning between them. They are placed in front of nouns in order to indicate a relationship between that noun and the verb, adjective, or noun that precedes it. I’m talking to Jean. | Je parle à Jean. She is from Paris. | Elle est de Paris. The book is for you. | Le livre est pour toi. What follows is a comprehensive list of the most common French prepositions and their English equivalents, […]

Jul 11 2016

Personal Correspondence in French

Personal correspondence in a foreign language can be quite overwhelming if you do not know how to start and end. Most of the phrases used are standard phrases and cannot be just translated, so one has to memorize them and their usage. What lies in between the beginning and ending of the letter/correspondence is totally up to the writer. Below are some handy French correspondence phrases and some tips to look into them: I. Greetings (you can either use the salutation alone, or the salutation […]

May 31 2016

Funny French Food Expressions

The French are extremely passionate about their food, just like art and cinema. It is quite obvious in their culinary scenario. Today we shall have a look at some funny french expressions/sayings, expressed through food, which imply something completely different. It would be quite difficult to interpret them without having aknowledge of French language and culture. 1 – French Food Idiom: "Avoir un Coeur d'Artichaut" Literal meaning: To Have an Artichoke Heart   Implied meaning: To be Very Sensitive This means to be very sensitive. To cry easily. […]

May 23 2016

The essential French “Politeness”- Politesse

The French are known to be extremely polite- even if they don't really mean it from the bottom of their heart. This is pretty similar to British culture. I guess it is a colonial thing 😉 German culture doesn't over emphasize on politeness, but being more direct and frank. French culture on the other hand seems more towards beating around the bush.Let's take a look at some key points, as to how one can be polite in France. 1. When you interact- "Smile" Whether the […]

May 15 2016

Common beginner French learner mistakes

French is a romantic, artisitic, soft and sweet language, aspired to be learnt by many. Bu there are a lot of hiccups one has to face in the formative stages. In this blog article, we would be going through the same hindrances in detail: 1. Genders Like all European Languages, in French too, every Noun, whether living or non-living has a Gender, and one has to memorize them with no particular logic or ground rule. For eg: a house is feminine- "La maison" where as a pen […]

May 11 2016

Most difficult and easy languages for Native English speakers

If you are a language enthusiast or at least a wannabe language enthusiast, this question must have always crossed your mind, as an English native speaker, which would be the easiest language for me to learn and which would be the hardest? This is quite a logical question. The Foreign Service Insitute (FSI) has come up with the below table, to asnwer the same. The number of hours listed here, would enable the person to reach the "General professional proficiency"l in each target language. Enjoy! 🙂 […]