May 17 2016

Language Preservation- need and significance

In the next few decades, 100 languages shall soon be extinct- yes, just like Dinosaurs. Several Indian languages are almost on the verge of "death". Just like endangered spieces, we also have "vulnerable" or "endangered" languages. On the other hand, some very new and unheard languages are originating in the world. "Korro" a tribal language in India, which is currently spoken only by 800 people, is one of them. There are also talks that, the Italian language , due to Italy's staggering economy, may soon […]

May 11 2016

Most difficult and easy languages for Native English speakers

If you are a language enthusiast or at least a wannabe language enthusiast, this question must have always crossed your mind, as an English native speaker, which would be the easiest language for me to learn and which would be the hardest? This is quite a logical question. The Foreign Service Insitute (FSI) has come up with the below table, to asnwer the same. The number of hours listed here, would enable the person to reach the "General professional proficiency"l in each target language. Enjoy! 🙂 […]

May 04 2016

German culture Faux pas to avoid while travelling

Germany is a beautiful country with a lot of history to offer, especially if you are the type interested in History, Art and Architecture. However, before visiting the country it is essential to know what not to do there, as a tourist, to be well-perceived! 1. Go easy on public drinking Germans are balanced people who know how to enjoy life, without making a mockery out of themselves and staying in limits , and when they are out, they are on their best public behavior. […]

May 03 2016

7 cultural faux pas travellers should avoid in Paris

Paris- everyone wants to see it, and enjoy the numerous lovely tourist sights the city has to offer- the Eiffel tower, the Arc of Triumph, The Louvre etc. However, there are a few things a tourist must keep in mind before visting this beautiful city, as Paris does have it's own customs, just like any other city in any other country would.   1. Don't expect to eat your food on the go. While "to go" does exist in the French language – "a emporter" – […]

Mar 30 2016

Language Immersion: non-target country-

You are learning a foreign Language, either with an online Language course or training, or with personal classes, but you do not live in the target country of the foreign language. Yet you want to speak like the natives. Does this situation sound familiar? Learning a foreign language and being able to speak like a native after that, could seem far-fetched, but not if you deploy the right tecchniques. Apart from eating, breathing and listening to the language, there are some cool, short and practical […]

Mar 28 2016

Influence of Greek on English Language-

Although Greek is almost just a spoken language today, and rarely written, it used to be one of the key languages once upon a time, apart from it's alphabets being used as symbols in scientific equations. Infact, it is a well known fact, that English borrows many words from Greek and Latin. Some pointers to how Greek words have influenced English are explained in this article. Around 150,000 words or more of English have a Greek origin. These mostly include technical and scientific terms. Words that […]