Jul 26 2016

Portuguese Vocabulary tips for Spanish speakers

Portuguese and Spanish, although have a similar look and feel, are quite different from each other, when it comes to the spoken competency. The Portuguese,Italian, and the Spanish, although cannot speak each other’s languages, can understand the context and meaning of whatever each nationality says in their respective languages, because of one main factor- the vocabulary is similar. (not same) In this article we would be seeing how fluent Spanish speakers can look for quick vocabulary tips, in order to learn Portuguese effectively. As a […]

Jul 25 2016

Germany- the future custodian of Sanskrit?

When we hear “Sanskrit”- we immediately hear, Shlokas, Mantras, divinity , Yoga and everything holy in the world. But Sanskrit, the language of the divine, is today losing it’s presence in India. One can faintly listen to spoken Sanskrit, except may be in the small town of Shimoga in Karnataka and temples (where the priests utter Sanskrit mantras while worshipping the deity).The status of Sanskrit has reduced to a purely written language, which is maybe taught by some enthusiastic old folks in the city, who […]

Jul 21 2016

A sneak peek into the Italian Language

In countries like the UK and USA, Italian is touted to be one of the foreign languages in demand, that makes a CV very attractive and employable. Italian is known for being one of the most beautiful languages there is. It is the language of Dante and Da Vinci, and the direct descendent of Latin. When learning Italian, however, it might help to start with the basics. A few rules to keep in mind for Italian: It might seem to have quite a few rules, […]

Jul 20 2016

Adjective Positions in Spanish

Usually, when you start learning Spanish, and you reach the chapter explaining adjectives, the golden rule taught is, “the adjective always comes after the noun”. However, this rule, albeit true in 90% of the cases, can be the other way around (i.e the adjective is placed before the noun),in about 10% of the cases. How do we decide these exceptions? Read on to find out more. Colors Colors come after the noun. la flor roja (the red flower) la Casa Blanca (the White House) Adjectives […]

Jul 19 2016

French Prepositions

A preposition is a grammatical entity that binds two sentences injecting a meaning between them. They are placed in front of nouns in order to indicate a relationship between that noun and the verb, adjective, or noun that precedes it. I’m talking to Jean. | Je parle à Jean. She is from Paris. | Elle est de Paris. The book is for you. | Le livre est pour toi. What follows is a comprehensive list of the most common French prepositions and their English equivalents, […]

Jul 18 2016

Significance of the German Flag

These days, when you come across a larger number of German flags, you are probably running into a bunch of soccer fans or walking through an allot settlement. But as many state flags, also the German one has quite an interesting history. Even though the Federal Republic of Germany wasn’t founded until 1949, the country’s flag, bearing the tricolors black, red, and gold, is actually much older than the year 1949. 1848 – A Symbol of Revolution The year 1848 was probably one of the […]